The Mamba Mentality
by J

This song was created for all the people who share the Mamba Mentality! The visual and highlight reel is honoring the legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant and his latest book "The Mamba Mentality." We have always been inspired by Kobe and his legendary views on competitions, and wanted to embody that energy, mentality, and creativeness into this song!

We decided to go big on this track and collaborate with Oktane from the west coast Hip-hop group Audio Push. 

To make things even sweeter, we worked with sensational MaxaMillion to create an amazing Kobe Bryant Highlight tape that is put together to the rhythm of our song! MaxaMillion is one of the very best highlight makers in the history of youtube and sports.

The continual quest to be great : The Mamba Mentality. That is the mantra that encapsulates the career of Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. 

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